They are catching on…

This evening we had a message on our phone from a friend in Madison telling us to check out the Sunday edition of the Wisconsin State Journal to find a story that was written in Hexham, England. I happened to have a copy of that very paper (since I went shopping at Metcalf’s Sentry grocery store on Sunday and they give away free papers if you spend a certain amount). So I scoured the paper looking for the story and eventually found it.

The story, titled, “So Much Moor” in the print edition, is a nice little summary of some of the best places in northern England to visit. It makes the well reasoned case that northern England is worth a visit – even worth skipping London for. I can’t agree more. I guess others are catching on too.

– Mark


2 thoughts on “They are catching on…

  1. Agree – Real places are always better than global capitals, for discovering a country, learning about its culture, and connecting with people.

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