1000 Miles

Today I passed 1000 miles of cycling on the roads of England. I am pleased with this for a few reasons. First, the combination of an unfamiliar bike and the steep hills means that it takes me about 30% longer to ride an average mile here than at home in Wisconsin. Second, while we have had some nice stretches of weather, there has been an awful lot of rain. It was the wettest April in 100 years in England! And third, the entire length of Britain from top to bottom, including Scotland, is just over 600 miles.

After enjoying a hilly ride through the North Pennines this morning, I returned the bike I’ve been using to the great guys at the Bike Shop in Hexham. We are leaving for a week long trip to Paris on Saturday and then return to Madison on June 19th, so my riding has come to an end. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation with the bike. Jon, the bike shop owner, rented me the bike for the whole time we were here at a very reasonable cost. It was sad to part with the trusty steed, but I am looking forward to getting back on my own bike when we return to Wisconsin in a couple of weeks.

I threw together a short video montage of photos I’ve taken on bike rides over the past weeks. These photos don’t cover all my rides but they were all taken from my bike. There are so many amazing roads that in the roughly 26 rides I took I never once repeated a route exactly. It has been a real joy to experience so much of northern England from my bike.

– Mark


2 thoughts on “1000 Miles

  1. I never imagined that even you would ride so many miles. Now, I think the sights, smells and beauty of Northumberland are truly in your bones. You are an amazing rider and an amazing photographer. The video captures so well all that is wonderful about the northeast. I have enjoyed your journey along with you!

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