Trip to southern England

We just returned from a trip to southern England. We spent the last week visiting many incredible sights. More thoughts to come, but here are a few pictures:

Stonehenge - 5000 years old. We had reserved a spot in a small tour inside the stones that takes place after closing hours. It was humbling to stand in the place of such a huge and ancient human work.

Salisbury Cathedral - Medieval Cathedral and Britian's tallest spire.

Roman Baths in the city of Bath - almost 2000 years old.

The most photographed street in England in the Cotwolds (an area of beautiful villages in the countryside).

The Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford. We ate dinner and drank a pint where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to meet to discuss their books.

York Minster Cathedral in York. Our favorite church building that we've ever been to. It was filled with some incredible modern art that really complemented the majesty of the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.


3 thoughts on “Trip to southern England

  1. Beautiful pictures, Mark and Erica! I learned a lot too! I can’t wait to se more. Hope you are all doing well. Love and kisses to you and the girls X0X0

  2. Erica/Mark
    The pictures are wonderful. Some the areas you covered we have been to with Steve Nelson’s parents a year ago last fall. Marty Nelson just gave us a scrapbook on our trip through Ireland, Wales, and England.

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