Learning to look over my right shoulder…

The girls started school today here in England. They are having the unique opportunity to study abroad at an early age! They both reported having a good first day. The highlight for our older daughter was swimming at the local pool during the school day – not something she gets to do at home during school. She also fielded a lot of questions from the other kids about America. The youngest had her first “kindergarten” experience here since kids begin full day school a year earlier in England. So far so good! She has made some new friends already. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the upcoming months are a good experience for them that they will remember (positively!) for years to come.

With the girls at school for a good part the day I had the chance to nip out (get out) for a cycle (bike ride) in the hills around Hexham. And there are lots of hills! I thought that the Madison area was hilly but the roads around here put Madison hills to shame. They are also very narrow and I am getting used to riding on the left side of the road and therefore looking over my right shoulder to check for cars and traffic. Thankfully many of the roads in this part of England are also very quiet. There were a number I rode on (like the one below) that had few to no cars on them at all. I am very grateful to have been able to arrange for a long term rental of a decent bike for while I am here. It is a real joy to be able to get out into the countryside on a bike.

– Mark


4 thoughts on “Learning to look over my right shoulder…

  1. Glad that the first day went well for the girls. I bet she enjoyed showing off her swimming skills! I think you should only ride on that quiet road with no cars, Mark! Is it a road bike?

    • Yes, she enjoyed the swimming, and yes, it is a road bike that I am using. The bike shop owner has said he can probably get me access to a loaner mountain bike for a ride or two as well, but for general riding I decided to get a road bike.

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