Across the Generations

Today we went to visit my grandmothers (our daughters’ great-grandmothers). They both still live in the homes that my mother and father grew up in. They are in two different neighborhoods in the Newcastle area. My mother’s mother is 100, turning 101 this summer. My father’s mother is 92. Remarkable! We enjoyed the usual English hospitality of tea and biscuits (cookies) with each of them. We look forward to more visits in the coming months. My parents and sister are coming from California to visit in May so we can get four generations together on both sides!

The other adventure of the day took place when I tried to take the girls to a park while Erica was at a tae-kwon-do class in Newcastle between visiting the grandmothers. Even with the “help” of a sat nav (GPS) we got ourselves lost and turned around near Newcastle University. We followed the friendly sat nav voice which led us onto a series of roads for buses only. As we drove along streets with signs saying “no cars” trying to get back to a road we were allowed on, our eldest daughter noticed people shaking their heads and waving fingers at us. But no harm was done and we eventually made it back to pick up Erica. Next time we go to downtown Newcastle we will do what locals do – take the bus or the train! We are being weaned off of our American love of cars.

– Mark


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  1. Thanks for posting pictures of the girls with the Grandmas and for sorting out problems!
    Take care!

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