Day 1

No, we are not going to title each post by the day number…but it seems appropriate on day one.

Our sabbatical began with a trip to Louisville, KY for a conference with 45 other pastors to talk about, of all things, sabbaticals. The Louisville Institute invites/requires all recipients of their sabbatical grants to attend a consultation to meet the others awarded grants and to talk about their sabbatical plans. It is an honor to be here at Louisville Seminary with this group of pastors who have served at least 7 years in their ministries and have unique and thoughtful plans for their time of renewal. Most of us are still amazed and grateful to have been one of the roughly 10% of applicants to have been given this incredible blessing. Interesting note: the institute has prepared a personalized press release about receiving the grant for us to use. Not sure if I should send it to CNN or the New York Times first. 😉 In any case, it is fun to connect with a very diverse group of pastors from all sorts of denominations and from all over the country.

In other news that certain folks at Pres House might find particularly interesting…we heard today from the wonderful couple we are exchanging homes with in England that we are invited to learn bell ringing at Hexham Abbey while we are there. Looking forward to that!



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