Preparing for Sabbatical – feeling a bit nervous!

In less than a week we (Erica and I) begin a four month sabbatical. We will be turning off our work email, cell phones, and Facebook in order to step off the normal pace of life and work for intentional rest.

It is a scary prospect!

We have been preparing for this for a long time and are very excited to have time to rest, be together as a family, and travel. But I am feeling pretty nervous. What will I do with myself for four months without work?! I am afraid I will find that even more of my identity is wrapped up in my role at work than I’d like to think. I have trouble sitting down to read for one evening never mind for weeks upon weeks. I spend most of my life thinking, “What next?” as I move from one project to another.

So what next?

I guess I have to really practice what I preach (literally – I preached a sermon about Sabbath and Sabbatical a few weeks ago) and open myself up to what God has to teach me about myself through this experience.

We will use this blog to share some musings about our experience. We are intentionally disconnecting from much of the technology that drives our lives and spending three months resting in our roots in northern England. So don’t expect lots of blogging! But we do want to share insights that come up for anyone who might be remotely interested.

– Mark